Lego Leadership

Leadership & Change – Part 3: The Personal Journey

What the heck does it personally mean to be a leader? To be someone…

Leadership & Change - Part 2: Leadership teams, egos and humblebragging

I’ve faced several challenges writing this second article in…

Leadership & Change – Part 1: The Leadership Word

Leadership is not about a title. Individuals may be appointed,…
holding hands

Revisiting Change Agents and their Networks

Its been a little over 2 years since I first posted about Change…

Brain Bursting in Berlin

I've recently returned from the great Berlin Change Days event.…

The Double Layer Conference

I attended the ACMP Regional Conference Canada in Toronto just…

Change Management is not one size fits all

Far too many times I have conversations that start by asking…

Having the Courage to Embrace Change

So I’ve been sitting on these thoughts for a few weeks, waiting…

Change and the Emotional Bank Account

I’m always interested in exploring the true human elements…
Disruptive change

Disruptive Change and the 3Rs

Big bang or slow n steady change - which do you prefer? For most…

LinkedIn - A Change Management Review

I've been watching with the interest a recent up tick in comments…

Exploring a Curiosity in Mindfulness

I've seen a lot of chatter about mindfulness recently. It seems…