Capillary Consulting offers a broad range of consultation services delivering effective, influential and sustainable change through a new kind of collaborative consultation that puts the client at the centre of the engagement and optimizes organizational functioning.

Our collaborative approach values ‘partnering to discover solutions’ over ‘one-size-fits-all methodologies’.  We take clients on a journey of self-discovery and, through developing a thorough understanding of their organisation and situation, apply the right elements of proven successful change models to capitalize on opportunities and find innovative possibilities even in difficult situations.

Our approach is a tailor made engagement for each and every client, through which we are able to reflect on what has happened, learn from what’s currently happening, to flourish into the future.

What’s in a name?

The Capillary name comes from both a scientific and human focused approach to change.

A capillary is the smallest vessel through which blood flows in the human body, reaching the limits of the body and so enabling it to be effective.

The capillary motion or capillary action occurs when a small vessel or tube is able to move liquid beyond the space it is surrounded by – gaining greater potential.

Both of these meanings combine to reinforce our belief that successful human focused change needs a scientific and human appreciation within the same goals.