Chief Change Agent

About Rich

Rich has been successfully delivering change for over 25 years. He has worked with organizations across all parts of the globe and it a strong advocate for balancing physical and virtual connectivity with clients. His legacy includes developing the change delivery model for UK government and being a founding member and first president of the Toronto Chapter of the Association of Change Management Professionals. He has a masters in change management and is a certified Lego® Serious Play® Facilitator & Workshop Designer. He is also certified in Project Management, Process improvement (Lean Six Sigma) , HR, Coaching, Counseling and Psychotherapy.

A little about who I am:

I enjoy working on … transformational change projects that really get under the cultural skin of an organization to maximize the potential of the people who work there for the betterment of the services delivered.

I feel a sense of achievement when … I get buy in from someone who has been resisting a change or even fighting against it, but realises the need for the change.

I would describe my work ethic as … industrious challenging and not afraid to be different.

I am always challenged when … I get asked by an employee if they can opt out of the change or what are the options to not get involved?

I want to do more … spreading the word for change management, leadership and organizational development.

People who know me would describe me as … passionate about change and making change management more accessible.

My greatest success is … that people know and respect me for my views and passion for change management.

In 5 years I want to be … writing more books, sharing my knowledge and nurturing new generations to embrace change management.



Associate Consultant: Curiosity Cultivation, Change Analysis & Digital Communications

About Nik

Nik has a specialisation, and a long history in, Digital Communications. Previously the Web Director of the Canadian Music Centre and the Digital Communications Coordinator of KAIROS Canada (a fast paced international human rights org) he has plenty of experience bringing the fast moving migratory world of digital technology to bear in organisational culture.

Through early experience as a hospital chaplain, street & mental health work, and palliative care, and through graduate studies in Systems and  Addiction Theory, Nik has cultivated a compassionate, sophisticated and pragmatic approach to identity, limitation and transformation which he applies to his change work with individuals and organisations.

Nik is a Professional Coach, a Certified Change Agent, a member of the Association for Change Management Professionals (ACMP) and of the Web of Change, an international network of leaders working at the frontiers of digital communications technology and social change.

A little about who I am:

I enjoy working on … collaboratively inquiring to discover new transformative approaches to difficult challenges.

I feel a sense of achievement when … the people I’m working with feel enthusiastic about the process they’re engaged in,  confident in the directions they’re heading in, and affirmed by the progress they’re making.

I would describe my work ethic as … collaborative, insightful, curious, and tenacious.

I am always challenged when … I encounter power being used to cling on to a toxic status quo, hiding what the real challenges are and choking out fresh and intelligent initiatives.

I want to do more … work with progressive organisations really struggling with major contemporary global challenges: climate change, the migration to renewables, the disruption of emergent technologies.

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Marketing & Business Development Analyst

About Carlos

Carlos is a highly motivated individual who is also empathic and passionate. Having international work experience and being exposed to different cultures allow him to understand behaviours, and adapt to different environments with ease.

His education and previous work experience enable him to successfully use a variety of marketing concepts, techniques and tools, and apply them in real-world situations in order to increase brand awareness, strengthen client relationships and generate more business opportunities for Capillary.

Carlos recently completed a Project Management postgraduate certificate and understands the whole lifecycle of a project, He has demonstrated his capability in the filed ensuring timely delivery of a range of projects, in scope, on time and on budget.

He also has strong interpersonal and relationship building skills, with proven achievements through volunteer engagement and work experience.

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Associate Consultant - Change Delivery

About Kaitlin

Kaitlin completed an MBA, and, true to form, continues to dabble in a little bit of everything.

With an MBA and training in change, and LEAN management Kaitlin is pursuing a consulting career in strategic HR including change management and organizational development. She has done engagements with government and not-for-profit covering strategy development and execution, performance measurement, and agile implementation. Outside of this she dabbles in social media, sports, and robotic LEGO for kids.

A little about who I am:

  • I enjoy working on … Projects that create efficiencies, or that make the people and work environment happier.
  • I feel a sense of achievement when … I can see the improvement and people and processes are working more smoothly.
  • I would describe my work ethic as … tenacious, creative, efficient, and empathetic.
  • I want to do more … team engagements and learn from colleagues with diverse professional backgrounds and more experience.
  • People who know me would describe me as … “Kaitlin Pianosi gets sh#! done” and “she makes dreams come true” are actual answers to this question that I’ve been given by friends or colleagues (for real).

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Associate Consultant - Change Management

About Sonia

Sonia is a change specialist & management consultant with over 15 years in the financial services industry. Sonia brings hands-on expertise and an outstanding track record in creating and implementing change strategies & methodologies that have translated into operational efficiency, improved customer experience, generated revenue and retained talent.

Certified in change management process and Prosci®’s ADKAR® methodology, Sonia also holds her Project management professional designation, has completed her CCA® and is six sigma trained.

Sonia’s background as a business leader have provided her insights and foundational understanding of business ROI and the importance of managing ‘people side of change’ to deliver business results. She has led large highly complex change projects ranging from setting up businesses for the Bank to IT Implementation, HR transformation and implementing business strategy models.

A little about who I am:
I enjoy working on projects that are transformative, improve efficiency and quality, technology implementations that bring new ideas and concepts into an organization.
I feel a sense of achievement when … I am able to inspire change resistant people to see the positive side of change, embrace change and be change ambassadors for their teams.
I would describe my work ethic as … creative, insightful, agile, resilient and not afraid to rollup my sleeves and get things done.
I want to do more … be a coach, mentor, keep learning, strengthening collaborative relationships and making sure I have fun and evolve as a person through the journey.

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