Agreement From The German Federal Employment Agency

However, if you want to fill a vacancy with a foreign employee, you have not yet decided which person you would like to employ; It is possible to apply for a general certificate from the Federal Employment Agency. This certificate must be presented to the local authority or district immigration authority when issuing an entry visa and/or residence permit. For general requests, contact us on 0228 / 713-2000 > press button 1 in the vocal menu Monday – Thursday from 8:00 .m. – 14:30.m. Friday from 08:00 to .m 12:30.m I am therefore (American) already in Germany (Berlin). I will soon have my employee contract to find the visas. The salary is only 30,000, so I am not entitled to a credit card. I read that I had to get permission from the Federal Employment Agency before I got the work permit. I don`t know how to do it. Since the company needs me to start working as quickly as possible, I would like to do it very quickly. Nationals of non-EU or European Economic Area (EEA) countries require a residence permit (visa, residence permit, EU blue card, eu residence permit or permanent residence permit); For more information, see the brochure “Employment of Foreign Workers” in Germany. My employer and his lawyer did all the work to obtain prior authorization from the Federal Employment Agency. All I had to provide was basic personal data, but I think they had to do the math for me to be a qualified worker.

Authorization from the Federal Employment Agency is not required. Maybe they like Germany. It`s not unheard of, you know. Foreigners other than the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and Swiss nationals may stay in Germany for professional purposes if they have a residence permit that specifically allows them to do so. Foreigners` access to the labour market is limited by the regulation on the admission of foreigners to employment. Access is in principle limited to certain occupational categories and generally requires the agreement of employment services, but there are nevertheless many exceptions to this principle. Indeed, several legislative measures have, in recent years, liberalized access to the German labour market. On request, I received an e-mail from the Federal Employment Agency, which includes a table: Advice: If the fast-track procedure for skilled workers is not an option for you, but you still want to check the admission requirements before your potential qualified worker applies for a visa, you can apply the pre-authorization procedure. To do this, contact your employer department.

The FEA also examines whether, in the specific case, national employment can be proven. For more information on the authorisation process, please visit the FEA website. Qualification: University degree or German university degree – Job offer Gross annual salary: at least 52,000, – Participation of the Federal Employment Agency: No confirmation required Residence permit: European Blue Card In some cases, the residence permit is issued for employment purposes without the consent of the BA: admission from the Federal Employment Agency may be limited in terms of activity, employer, allocation of working time, etc. and, in principle, for the duration of employment.