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Eight Lessons Learned as I Reflect on 2017

As I come to the end of the year I have chosen to reflect back on the journey I’ve navigated, the people I’ve engaged with and look to adventures that await me in 2018 as part of a series of learning opportunities that have presented themselves to me. Professionally it’s been an amazing experience. I’ve […]

Leadership & Change – Part 1: The Leadership Word

Leadership is not about a title. Individuals may be appointed, anointed or otherwise installed in positions of power, authority and decision making but that doesn’t mean they are able to exercise true leadership. It isn’t a competence that plugs in by virtue of the situation. When I challenge myself to define leadership I often find […]

Revisiting Change Agents and their Networks

Its been a little over 2 years since I first posted about Change Agent networks, the role of Change Agents and their relevant benefits. They are popular articles and I’ve seen readership reach thousands across them all, prompting me to realise that there is appetite out there for their purpose and the topic worthy of […]

Brain Bursting in Berlin

I’ve recently returned from the great Berlin Change Days event. An awesome couple of days over a weekend focused on exploring the art of disruption, with lots of arts and lots of disruption from people, places and the insights they bring. I’ve been following the evolution of Berlin Change Days over the years with eager […]

The Double Layer Conference

I attended the ACMP Regional Conference Canada in Toronto just over a week ago. It’s probably taken that much time for me to let the content sink in, my brain to digest it and to make sense of the many conversations that abound at such gatherings. Any conference is more than the presentations, its second […]

Change Management is not one size fits all

Far too many times I have conversations that start by asking what methodology I use for change management. Typically, this comes from a client but sometimes a colleague or connection. It’s as if they think I’ve got the secret sauce and three spoons added into the mix will make it all happen wonderfully well. I’m […]

Having the Courage to Embrace Change

So I’ve been sitting on these thoughts for a few weeks, waiting for them to solidify properly in my mind. They are a response, reflection and inner thought process that came about from hearing Brené Brown talk at the ACMP Global Conference – Change Management 2016. Now if you have no prior knowledge who I […]