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Four Reactions to Change

Whenever a change activity is announced there are four ways that people can react to the news. Enthusiastic Accepting Resistant Destructive or Saboteur There may be other variances upon these reactions and some others that people will notice, but I see these are the four types of change reactions from people. So what does each […]

Why you should use Change Management

I have been asked a number of times to describe what a business gets from using a change management professional. Often they see the role of a project manager as the person to deliver everything. Of course they are right; they will deliver or at least should get as close to delivering as possible. But […]

Catching up with Kotter

It’s been a while since I’d refreshed my mind with the wonders of John Kotter and his 8 steps for managing change. Our Iceberg is Melting[1] is still one of my favourite change books and I recommend it as a great introduction to anyone about to undergo some change activity.