Cerita Wedding Agreement Bab 9

The time to see a movie while eating noodles in Archie`s hands is cute. The dialogue of the film, which departs from a story by Mia Chuz, does not feel condescending, but smiling. Talk about the reason for the illness when asked to pray at dawn, but the turn can call by phone suddenly healed, clearly menover certain Sconscience. Good story, thank you. In particular, the first 👍👍 Continued is in the new marriage agreement kk … 😊 very touching plot thus baper. Wanting his novel “I also have something to say. I have not told anyone. I want to share it with you. Bian was breathing deeply. Maybe Tari won`t appreciate what she`s going to tell me.

But he has to tell me. So his wife knows the real state. “I`m glad you told me about your parents. Thank you for trusting me. It`s certainly not easy to share the past you want to forget,” Bian said. The marriage agreement is actually a story of patience of the heart that has an influence on the change of attitude. The film does not expose the audience as a student, but invites them to learn something about the heart, love and life choices together. . Thanks to kak useful information, be sure to also visit my official website bit.ly/2MCUqF6 Novelnya sdh can buy in gramedia or other bookstores ga kak fatma. .? Cerbungnya already deleted the author seems mbk, basrusan I check was deleted 🙂 . Bian is clumsy when Sarah gets close. Instead of being happy, he felt something was wrong.

“You don`t need to prepare for tomorrow?” he asked. “A little bit.” Sarah makes Bian work, and from time to time, he tells her what to do. While Bian had more luck. His father (Bucek) and mother (Unique Pricilla) are still there. Bian is unhappy because he`s engaged to Tari. Bian accepts this match making to make his cancerous mother happy. Bian`s love is only for Sarah (Aghniny Haque). . Tari nodded enthusiastically as he smiled broadly. The best day ever.

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – the marriage agreement reflects two characters in matchmaking treatment. Packed into the concept of drama aka comic drama that is fluid and funny.