We believe that successful consulting begins with a clear understanding of a client’s needs. We can then engage with them to navigate a path that releases their full potential.

Through many years of experience we have developed a set of unique and proven tools, techniques and working practices that makes change happen in an effective and enabling way for each and every client. We employ a wide range of engagement strategies including puzzles, storytelling, games, crafts, diagramming, role plays and music, all of which reveal preconceptions and perceptual biases, deepen meaning, and cultivate curiosity and respectful interactions.

We welcome the opportunity to engage with clients in the following areas.

Change Management Consulting

Focusing on the people needs of change events, our change management activities support your successful transition. We apply our own approach to change management, developing plans and strategies customized to meet the needs of the client and the change.

Leadership Development

Recognizing and releasing the potential of great leadership is an extremely important aspect of great organizations. We employ a unique approach, including a 360-degree review, to assess the competency of current and future leaders enabling them to understand their strengths, areas for development, and opportunities for growth.

Organizational Behaviour

Every organization wants to maximize its potential but understanding the workings, interactions and deliverables across all parts of a business can be a challenge. We offer a method that captures the current shape of your organization and develops ways to move it forward to where it needs to be.

Organizational Business Improvement

How a business functions always has scope for improvement. Capillary offers a systematic review of existing processes using well-established tools within Lean, Six Sigma and quality management methodologies.  This enables effective and efficient processes to be developed realizing significant financial and resource savings.

Team Dynamics

All organizations have teams and understanding how to get people to work together effectively and to collaborate across organizations is a challenge that is frequently faced. We offer a range of interventions to explore and develop teams to realize their potential.


We provide support, guidance and coaching to leaders, managers and other individuals who are currently leading or acting as change agents in their work place. The change can be at an individual, systematic or strategic level.

What’s in a name?

The Capillary name comes from both a scientific and human focused approach to change.

A capillary is the smallest vessel through which blood flows in the human body, reaching the limits of the body and so enabling it to be effective.

The capillary motion or capillary action occurs when a small vessel or tube is able to move liquid beyond the space it is surrounded by – gaining greater potential.

Both of these meanings combine to reinforce our belief that successful human focused change needs a scientific and human appreciation within the same goals.