Event Space License Agreement

You must carefully take care of the space or space that is rented or modified by the host to which the host belongs (the “Host Zone”) or the building and not make any changes to it. You may not modify, add, replace, remove or damage any furniture, appliances or other personal property located in, on or around the space, community organizations, reception area or public areas that are not located in your guest person(s) (“Host`s Personal Property”). Upon the expiration or termination of this Agreement, you must return the space and all of the Host`s personal property to the Host in good condition and subject to normal use. If damage (beyond normal wear and tear) occurs to the Host`s space or personal property during your custody, custody or control, agree to pay an appropriate repair/replacement fee and notify the Host immediately after the discovery of such damage, but no later than 8 hours later. You are responsible for any damage caused by you or your guests in the room, in the Community institutions, in the common areas, in the personal property of the host or in the building. THEY DISCLAIM ALL EXPRESS AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES REGARDING THE PERSONAL PROPERTY OF THE HOST AND DO NOT WAIVE THEM, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, WARRANTIES OF A COMMERCIAL NATURE AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. For each month or portion of the space that you continue to use or occupy after the expiration or termination of this Agreement, you pay the Host an amount equal to the greater amount of (A) 2,500 USD and (B) twice the monthly fee. Your payment should not be construed to extend the term or prevent the host from recovering ownership of the space by summary or other means. This section also applies after the expiration or prior termination of this Agreement. The acceptance of royalties after the expiration or prior termination of this Agreement shall not prevent the Host Party from initiating and following a holdover or summary evacuation procedure.

The Host and Customer further agree that any legal right to apply beyond the expiration date or prior termination of this Agreement will, to the extent possible, be permitted by law. They are considered to be late to this license if (A) you do not pay the taxes or charges on the due date, if the failure is due to you 5 days after notification, and not in addition to a notification prescribed by law (B) you do not comply with any provision of this agreement if the error is not cured to you within 10 days of notification or (C) you attempt: without the prior written consent of the Host, to sublicense, assign or transfer an interest in this Agreement. In case of delay, the host has the right to terminate this agreement without notice, in which case you must immediately hand over the host`s space and personal belongings to the host. If you fail to transfer the Host`s space and/or personal property, the Host may enter and take possession of the Host`s space and personal property, in accordance with applicable law and without prejudice to any other rights or remedies, and you are responsible for all outstanding fees and taxes, taxes and charges due for the remainder of the Term. all costs incurred by the Host as a result of the reintroduction of the Host`s space and personal property, as well as other loss and damage that the Host may suffer as a result of the Client`s delay….