Kanban Indicator Scheduling Agreement

If you want to put in place a delivery plan not with one of your creditors, but with one of your own works, you should establish a delivery plan (delivery plan for extended remote relocations). With regard to delivery workstations that are reserved for delivery, you can specify the materials or components to be made available to the subcontractor for each planned delivery of the ordered item. You manually enter all the data into the delivery plan. The type of provision must remain as it was “” or “VB” or an active disposition type. The rinse indicator must be maintained. It can be defined in the order of work or in the very stump of materials. When the rinse indicator is placed in the stem of the material, the material is rinsed by the installation (material problem is not necessary against manufacturing control). However, if you want the material to be rinsed only when it is used for certain products, the backflush plate must be included in the worktop (in the assignment of components for operations). Confirmation must be made for each execution of the manufacturing order, either individually (CO1n) or collectively (CO15). The receipt of the product output of the components (in connection with the operation/s confirmed) in the order of manufacture – the kn01 storage place in the field in the area of the warehouse of the layout is kept in the material rod. It is from this site that the rinse is done.

Field – External Supply Site (EP) should be MN01 (Main Stores) in the material strain. – KN01 – Kanban Stockstock is excluded from the provision. Process steps: 1. Create an acquisition area for the kanban storage location (KN01). TC: PK052. Extend the material to the Kanban storage location. TC: MMSC3. Make the necessary modifications to the material strain, as explained above.4.

Create the Kanban control cycle. TC: PKMC5. Print the barcode. TC:PK176. Set Kanban status on EMPTY by scanning the barcode. TC: PKBC. A hardware reservation is established for the transfer of major operations in the NC01.7. The source view of needs is displayed here. TC: PK13n8. As soon as the main stores send the material to the manufacturing surface, scan the barcode at FULL. TC: PKBC (in the background, there will be a stock transfer with 311 movements). Conditions may apply to the entire delivery plan.