Kckps Aup Agreement

Terminal Year: 2015 Name: Audrey Fryar Domain: @m.kckps.org Password: kckps + STS Password kckps STS Password: impaw1 Based on the above information, you will log in: email / Google Login: 15audfry@m.kckps.org Password: kckpsimpaw1 has paid your laptop deposit fee and all other laptop fees, which may still be due in the last school year Show proof of a bag that protects laptops (the First grade students receive this bag. ACCEPT CASH, PAYMENT ORDER OR CASH CHECK ONLY Our services may display content that is not owned by Emerald Data Solutions or its affiliates. This content is the sole responsibility of the company that makes it available. If you qualify for a free and discounted lunch, your deposit fee is $25.00 USD or 8 hours of community service each student enrolled at F.L. High School.