If you are interested in taking a number of our opportunities with Capillary Learning, you can get extra savings if you purchase a 3 ,6 or 9 day AccessPass for just $1200, $2100 or $3000.

The AccessPass can be used to register for any workshops within 12 months of purchase, even the Certified Change Agent. Buy the pass and then just notify us each time you want to attend an event. We will process the course registration for you and notify you how many credits you have remaining on your Pass.

  • 3 day pass provides 24 credits
  • 6 day pass provides 48 credits
  • 9 day pass provides 72 credits

Credit Requirements:

  • Certified Change Agent –  24 Credits
  • Single day workshops – 8 credits
  • Half day workshops – 4 credits
  • Two hour webinars – 2 credits

or any combination, 1 credit delivers 1 hour of learning

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