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The three day workshop is an interactive learning experience that explores how people deal with change, how to manage change events, leading a change and what it means to be a change agent. During the three days, you will engage with your fellow attendees to explore your experience with change, your perception of others, and understand how to facilitate your role as a change agent within your organization.

You will participate in both individual exercises and group activities. You will undertake exercises exploring different types of change, the roles involved and enable you to focus on building out a plan for your role as a change agent giving you not just the knowledge to take away with you but a clear profile of your role as a change agent.

If you attend an in person Toronto workshop, day 2 will also include graphic recording to support the learning experience and provide an opportunity to visually interact with the content explored. Attendees are encouraged to make this graphic their own, as each workshop has a unique visual output for that group.

The in person workshop is facilitated by Rich Batchelor, who has 25 years experience in successfully delivering change worldwide. Rich is a keen advocate of agnostic change management, recommending a multipart approach to change management from many models and theories in existence. This is a key focus of his facilitation – developing a change agent approach that is right for you, your organization and your role in that organization.


Day 1:

The Challenge of Change explores what is change, different types of change and begins our theme of focusing on human emotions to change including resistance and resilience.

The Change Event investigates the origins and roles people take in dealing with change and gives an opportunity to explore the art of buying and selling change before exploring what the human reaction to change might look like and how we can navigate it successfully.

Day 2:

How is Change Managed considers the difference between change management and managing change events, the different levels of change from strategic to tactical change and considers its relationship with project management.

Change Leadership explores the difference between management and leadership, what it means to be a leader of change and how innovation and change are intrinsically linked and the leadership expectations of a change agent. This  part of the workshop includes the use of  Lego® Serious Play®

Day 3:

What is a Change Agent clearly defines what a change agent is, how the role should operate and its responsibilities including influencing without authority.

Time for you to Change explores the outputs and outcomes you need to create for successful change, before clearly defining your change agent role for now and the future.

Rich Batchelor, Workshop Facilitator

Graphic Recording by Charlotte Young, Picture Your Thoughts