Point Lepreau Collective Agreement

(i) take a dependent family member to medical or dental appointments or appointments with school authorities or adoption agencies. A dependent family member is a family member who is unable to attend the appointment without an escort. An employee is expected to make reasonable efforts to schedule appointments to minimize the employee`s absence from the job and should, where possible, inform the supervisor of the date in advance; (3) Changes to the EWSP will need to be approved by the Professional Service Institute of Canada and the Treasury Board secretariat. Future amendments will be negotiated between the parties around a central table consisting of the negotiating team of the Professional Institute of Public Service of Canada and the negotiation team of the Secretariat of the Ministry of Finance. 9 Any collective agreement under the Labour Relations Act (N.R.R.B 1973, c. I-4) prior to the effective date of these regulations and which contains provisions that respect the conditions of employment of the workers responsible for aspects of the construction of the Point Lepreau facility applies to workers responsible for the operation and maintenance of the refurbishment of the facility. 26.06 On request, a staff member is entitled to a complete and up-to-date description of the employee`s position, including the level of classification and evaluation of position points, as well as an organizational chart representing the position of the position in the organization. “Continued employment” has the same meaning as in the Public Service Conditions of Employment Directive at the time of signing this agreement, as if a Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission staff member were appointed to a position under Schedule 1, Part I of the Labour Public Relations Act (“continued employment”); 1. Once the parties have agreed on provisional language and programming, this agreement will be submitted to the nuclear regulatory group`s (NUREG) negotiating table for ratification and inclusion in their collective agreement. (c) obtaining licences for the export and importation of controlled nuclear and nuclear materials, implementing bilateral nuclear cooperation and safeguarding agreements, managing research and development in the area of safeguards from the International Atomic Energy Agency, and advising on the development and implementation of non-proliferation and protection policies; Dates may be extended by mutual agreement between the members of the steering committee. The mandate of the technical committee may be changed from time to time by mutual agreement between the members of the steering committee. “designated paid leave,” the 24-hour period, which begins at 00:01 a.m.

on a day called “public holiday” (“designated public holiday”); vii) – seven decimals of five (7.5) hours out of the 37 decimal hours (37.5) set above can be used for participation in an appointment with a legal or paragal representative for matters, inactive or with a licensed or financial agent, if the control has been informed of the appointment as far as possible.