Purchase Agreements In Ax 2012

In addition, the same new feature is available to specify financial dimensions in your head or individual lines for sales agreements in AX 2012 R2 CU7 Total, these two are quite similar in their mechanics because they allow you to create discounts based on buying behavior, but there are two important differences between sales contracts and commercial agreements. Trade agreements are more flexible when discounts are applied to a large number of purchase situations, while a sales contract is customer-specific and representative of a purchase obligation. Sales contracts are contractual obligations with a seller, an agreed quantity or an agreed value of the goods are usually purchased at a discounted price or discount. The delivery of the product must not take place at the same time or on the same order. Sales contracts allow you to make orders if necessary (release orders) for the duration of the agreement until the contract is executed. Once this has happened and you have created the order (also called the exit order, since you have added the reference to the purchase contract ID), you must open the sales contract. Go to the sight of the line. And start by adding lines. Add your lines first. Then click on Update the Line and select “Create a Link” to link these individual positions to the purchase agreement.

And see the screenshot for the finish. You can copy financial dimensions in-account or in individual positions of a purchase agreement. You can change the dimensions of the chord head or the position of the chord at any time, and then the dimensions are automatically copied into the sharing head or sharing line of the sharing commands. You can establish a hierarchy of purchase agreements. The high-level agreement is the general agreement and any subsidiary agreement at a lower level is a secondary element. As the sales contract is a market, this parent-child hierarchy can be used to create slices and lots. The financial dimensions and account structure plan of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 have been significantly revised since 2009 days. The financial framework is very flexible and brings many new concepts and features: the dimensions defined by the system are available to be directly related to the basic data sub-ledger. In the purchase agreement form, you can establish, apply and track purchase agreements between your organization and your creditors. After creating a z.B sales contract, you can order directly about it. If you create an intercompany order that uses the intercompany purchase agreement in a legal entity, the corresponding intercompany order uses the corresponding Intercompany sales contract in the other legal entity.