Retainer Agreement In Italiano

The document only requires the names and addresses of the contracting parties, the duration or duration of the repairer, the services to be provided, the obligations and obligations of the party providing the service, the costs of retaining and the terms of payment and contains confidentiality rules. An obvious advantage of a retainer agreement is that, from the point of view of the service provider, the retainer offers a guaranteed income and saves the time that the service provider would normally spend on other paid jobs. Another advantage is that the customer has the certainty that the service provider will work for him during the period agreed by the parties and that neither party will be able to terminate the contract until the expiry of the retainer period. A retainer agreement is a contract in which a customer uses the services of a service provider or independent contractor who provides the services for a retainer fee. This party should also be a leader of the organization, for example. B a managing director, a managing partner, a partner, etc. .