Td Aeroplan Visa Infinite Cardholder Agreement And Benefit Coverages Guide

Do these travel insurances apply to medical and non-medical services to additional card users? Could you clarify what “insured person” means? Thank you very much. For travel health insurance, the primary card holder, spouse and dependent children are insured (whether or not the trip is booked via your credit card, i.e.. You could drive and be insured). All must be residents of Canada. a dependent child is defined by TD by below: Hello, My mother has all three booked our trips in her aeroplan visa to infinity. We are now stranded in India, and the government has provided us with flights for $3000 per person to Canada, we also have to pay for a bus to the airport and hotel, I was wondering if we were all insured for something. How does travel insurance work in the event of a travel disruption? We`re already here before the travel advice and we`ve been trying to leave since he got out without luck. In addition, there will be no benefits to be paid for travel cancellations related to pregnancy or pregnancy, alcohol or drug use, intentional injuries, crimes, war/terrorism, mental health problems or participation in professional sports, organized races, speed competitions or other dangerous activities. 8 Goods and services that cardholders request or wish to obtain through the Infinite Concierge Service Visa are provided by various third parties that are not related to Visa. Visa does not support, verify or qualify these service providers. Visa does not accept any guarantees (express or implied) on these service providers or on goods and services that can be obtained via the Infinite Concierge Visa.

Neither Visa nor TD is responsible for claims or damages resulting from the use of third-party services or services. Visa cannot, in all cases, guarantee the success of cardholders` applications. Concierge services are not charged. However, cardholders are responsible for the fees for goods or services (including fees or related fees) approved by the cardholder and acquired by Visa Infinite Concierge on behalf of the cardholder. All fees are deducted directly from the cardholder`s Infinite Visa card. Note: The paralysis allowance and permanent disability benefits are payable only if the loss continues for 12 consecutive months. I have to cancel a flight I booked with my hourly miles, and they want to charge me 300 dollars. Does my TD Visa Infinite card cover these travel cancellation fees? From February 1, 2021: Earn 4% cash for purchases, less returns, from merchants classified by the credit card network as grocery stores and supermarkets or gas stations and vending machines. Earn 2% cash back on purchases, less returns, for merchants who are sanitized by the credit card network such as (i) local transportation and ranked in the suburbs of Canada, including metro, tram, taxi, limousine and ride services (with the exception of merchants who can be classified as travel or travel services such as air transport, car rentals and cruises), (ii) restaurants, restaurants, restaurants and fast-food outlets, or (iii) periodic payments approved by a merchant to be made on a daily, monthly or regular annual basis. All other purchases earn 1% cash back.