Texas Association Of Realtors Commercial Property Management Agreement

Do your customers need to rent a property quickly? Help them by using TransUnion`s SmartMove, an TA. 3 THE OWNER entrusts to the AGENT, as an independent contractor, the provision of the services described in this agreement as sole and exclusive manager and the AGENT agrees to provide these services as an independent contractor. This Agreement does not create any partnership or joint venture between the Parties. AGENT is an independent contractor. 2. PROPERTY: Property means: Address: legally described as: in the county, with the following non-immovable objects:. Property also includes any other properties described in an appended addition to multiple properties. 3. DURATION: A.

Initial Term: The initial term of this Agreement begins and ends as follows: Start Date: Expiration Date: B. Automatic extension: unless one of the parties sends a written notice of denunciation to the other party at least thirty days before the expiry date, this agreement is automatically renewed each month until one of the parties denounces it by a written notice of at least thirty days to the other party. Commercial real estate management contract 3 out of 14 15 no later than 10 days after the modification. F. If the owner does not comply with these insurance rates, the AGENT may take out insurance providing the AGENT with the same coverage as the insurance required in accordance with paragraph 13 (A), and the owner must reimburse these costs immediately to the AGENT; or (2). to exercise the AGENT`s remedies in accordance with the standard paragraph. 14. DELAY: a party is late if the party does not re-infringe within ten days of receipt of the other party`s written request. If either party is late, the non-defaulting party may: (a) terminate this Agreement in writing with a period of at least ten days; (b) all sums due to the non-defaulting party under this Agreement shall be recoverable; (c) charge reasonable collection costs and solicits` fees; and (d) exercise all other legal remedies. The AGENT also has the right to recover any compensation to which the AGENT would be entitled if the owner had not breached this agreement.

15. MEDIATION: The Parties agree to negotiate in good faith in order to settle all disputes related to this Agreement that may arise between the Parties. If the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations, the dispute will be submitted to mediation. The parties to the dispute elect a mutually acceptable mediator and share the cost of mediation equally. 16. ATTORNEY`S FEES: If the Owner or AGENT is a successful party in any legal proceeding arose as a result of a dispute under this Agreement or a transaction related to this Agreement or a related or contemplated transaction, that party has the right to recover from the non-winning party all costs of such proceeding and reasonable attorneys` fees.17 ASSIGNMENTS: Neither party may assign this Agreement without the written consent of the other party….