Ufcw Local 1252 Collective Agreement

The City of Winnipeg is also trying to do without an agreement to bring garbage collection to Sinhouse, even though the infrastructure is in place. The local commission is working to resolve the problem through political pressure, but is convinced that they will be successful in conciliation if necessary. Employees at the Indigenous Women`s Healing Centre in Winnipeg have ratified their first collective agreement. Our members in New Brunswick had a very busy start to 2020. The Higgs government did everything in its power to divide and conquer. First, the right of our members to meaningful collective bargaining has been challenged by Bill 17, which restricts the right to strike without creating a fair and balanced dispute resolution mechanism; second, the government manipulated our health bargaining unit during the legal freeze period. This new procedure allows testing outside the local association by three members selected from a regional service table by test participants. In January, a tender was launched for the parties to the trial to all chartered organizations, and the bodies will be appointed by the National Office at our March meeting. The podiums will be formed this spring to ensure they are ready to complete their new mission.

On February 13, Fredericton made history by setting up a lockout for its external workers who keep the city moving, which includes snowplow hunters and other heavy equipment operators, water and sewer system managers, and engineering and service technicians. CUPE 508 issued the strike notice on 13 February, after another empty day at the negotiating table, with no expanded offer from the municipality. The collective agreement expired in December 2018 and since then it has been mostly fair wages. Fredericton`s external workers are paid less than their colleagues in Moncton and other municipalities in the province. An agreement was reached and the workers were back in service on 18 February. Fortunately, only 11 out of 60 local residents are negotiating this year, as most of our residents settled before last year`s elections. Faced with these challenges facing local governments, the Alberta Municipal Workers Committee is holding a political summit this spring to begin preparations for the 2021 municipal elections. Another lockout took place at the same time in New Brunswick and was underway at the time of writing. CUPE 4193, which represented workers at the Red Pine Solid Waste plant in Allardville, had to install pickets to prevent replacement workers from entering the plant and doing the work of our members.