Versailles Agreement Crossword

If you still haven`t resolved the Versailles crossword puzzle contract, search our database to find the letters you already have! Below are the possible answers to the crossword note of the Versailles contract. German plan of attack in case of two-front war, including the assassination at ww1 Franz Ferdinand allaince between Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary triple alliance allaince between France, Great Britain and Russia triple entente, who changed sides in the war Italy country that Germany gave a blank check Austria Hungary country that left the war in 1918 Russia had the pride of the army and held an army Ready for war Militarism agreements to stop the struggle ended the ww1 truce that limited stocks such as food and clothing, etc. The rationing of unilateral information that was created to keep people who support war propaganda, a kind of attack where soldiers come out of the trenches during the war of enemy position, the last central power that left the war Germany person from the United States who made a series of peace proposals Woodrow Wilson French person who received and really wanted the nickname of Tiger, that Germany is punished Clemenceau the country in which Germany invaded to obtain in France Belgium the front, where France and Great Britain pushed Germany west of the front, where there was more land movement and lost woodrow Wilson`s plan to achieve a lasting peace fourteen points, which took place from 1 July to 18 July. November 1916 and was one of the bloodiest battles of the Somme War Which country did the Germans plan to defeat the first French country The person who killed Archduke Ferdinand is from Serbia the sinking of which ship caused 1,198 deaths of citizens and almost dragged the United States. In the Lusitania War, the Germans promise to stop the war without restriction on Sussex ships, which allowed the progress/revolution for modern weapons produced industry some countries got additional soldiers from their_______….